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Certified Access Specialist (CASp) Guidance, Simplified

Access MKC is your trusted partner to quickly gain clear, feasible and easy-to-understand solutions to make sure your business is accessible to all. We help businesses across the San Francisco Bay Area navigate the complex world of ADA compliance codes and accessibility regulations so that you can spend less time on confusing legal jargon and more time on your area of expertise - running your business. 


Following accessibility guidance not only protects your business from lawsuits, costs and business disruption - it also ensures that all members of your community are able to safely use and frequent your business.


Let’s work together to ensure you are offering your customers

an experience you are proud of!


Site Inspections:

CASP & Local Government Compliance

We inspect your entire facility, including interior public use areas and exterior elements as well as employee common use areas if requested. After this inspection, you get a CASP inspection report and a sign that hangs in your business window confirming you have been inspected, which can build goodwill with the community. Many times, this report can reduce your legal fee burden if you are sued for something in your facility that’s not compliant. Additionally, resolving anything noted in the CASP inspection report can reduce or eliminate any legal liability.

Plan Reviews

During the design process, we can review your documents and provide markups and itemized lists of improvements that give insights on ADA compliance even before your space is built. This allows for the proactive identification of any areas of concern, which can save costs and hassle in the long run.


Meet Matthew Kirk-Cortez

Matthew J. Kirk-Cortez is a registered architect with a passion for designing spaces that anyone can enjoy. His diverse background in residential design/build construction and building envelope consultation (this means protecting buildings from water and other elements that can reduce the lifespan of a building) has placed him in a unique position within the industry. He is well versed in quality spatial design and is very knowledgeable in the technical aspects of building design and construction.  


As someone who is passionate about access and inclusive communities, Matthew sought CASp certification so that he could be a partner to local businesses and those they serve at the same time. In his personal life, Matt also runs a website that provides information and reviews of accessible trails to help others enjoy the outdoors in an approachable way, no matter their ability. 


California Registered Architect 

Certified Access Specialist

B. Arch, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Matthew Kirk-Cortez, CASP Certified Access Specialist
Accessible Parking Space

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